brain gym

Brain Gym is a series of exercises claimed to improve academic performance. Brain Gym activities are claimed to improve  eye teaming (binocular vision), spatial and listening skills, hand – eye co-ordination and whole-body flexibility. By doing this, it manipulates the brain, improving learning and recall of information.

Brain Gym® builds, enhances or restores natural neural pathways in the body and brain to assist natural learning.

Brain Gym is a set of movement activities such as “crawling, drawing, tracing symbols in the air, yawning, and drinking water” that, according to the Brain Gym website –  it is said to help children, adults, and seniors to:

  • Learn ANYTHING faster and more easily
  • Perform better at sports
  • Be more focused and organized
  • Start and finish projects with ease
  • Overcome learning challenges
  • Reach new levels of excellence


Brain Gym