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Dear Sanjay, Thank You so for your help and advice. I am back to work full-time. Keep it up

I am a professional golfer and worked with Sanjay for 2 months earlier this year whilst I was on tour in India. He helped me resolve my hip problems that I have had for quite some years. We also spent a lot of time doing Muscle Activation and I really saw a big improvement. He taught me how to do the Muscle Activation myself which really helps me on Tour. Looking forward to working with Sanjay when I come back to play in India.

Dr Sanjay Chablani is an absolute gem. He treated my husband for a chronic shoulder ailment that no other orthopaedic doctor or physio was able to sort out.His unique and individually tailored treatments are a refreshing change to the stereotyped methods employed at most clinics. Anyone suffering any musculoskeletal ailment should consult Sanjay.

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