Manual Therapy is an essential skill for a Physiotherapist as it allows them to connect with your body, treat and adapt according to the body’s response.

At Healing Space, we use a fusion on manual therapy techniques in order to facilitate restoration of the normal joint, nerve and muscle function. All of our Physiotherapists are trained in manual therapy and excel in gentle mobilisations of the body. We also use soft tissue mobilisation, muscle activation, friction massage or myofascial release to achieve a deeper release of soft tissues and enhance body’s function.

If your assessment highlights a restriction within the joint in the body, the physiotherapist will then use joint mobilisation / manipulation techniques in order to release the restriction and improve your function. At times, there can be reduced movement of the nerves which can contribute to the ongoing symptoms like pain or pins & needles / numbness in the spine, arms & legs. Gentle neural movements can help in restoration of normal nerve mechanics.

Speak to us if you will like to know how this can be of benefit to you or nearby ones.