Electrotherapy is used by physiotherapists to provide relief from pain and promote the healing process of the bone and the soft tissue. Physiotherapists have been using various forms and equipment of electrotherapy to administer these treatments with great success.

Various electrotherapy modalities like TENS, IFT and Ultrasound therapy help in relieving pain, relaxing muscles, reduce swelling and soften the scar tissues. Selection of appropriate modality is done according to your needs.

Use of electrotherapy can assist with earlier introduction of exercise program which can have long lasting benefit.

We have today’s most advanced electrotherapy unit that improves our therapy efficiency and results by combining it with active exercises
Modalities like TENS & IFT work primarily in two ways:

1. Pain Gate Mechanism: This is where the uncomfortable stimuli from the affected area are blocked at relevant level within the spine just like a traffic light system.
2. Central Nervous System Mechanism: It stimulates the release of Endorphins (Happy Hormones ) from our brain and central nervous system. These endorphins also known as our bodies “natural pain killers”.

Ultrasound Therapy helps in tissue healing muscular strains and ligament sprains especially in arms and legs. These high frequency sound waves can reach at various depths. They promote circulation and healing, relax muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and hence helping to alleviate the pain.

Speak to us if you will like to know how this can be of benefit to you or nearby ones.