Exercise is the single most essential element of our rehabilitation and is the key to restoring your injured, painful body to normal pain-free activity. Humans are designed to heal by being active. Stress and strain are applied to the injured tissue in a structured and progressive manner in order to ensure a full recovery and return to normal function.We take pride to specifically design the exercise programcustomised for you to accelerate the healing processes and correct the underlying movement abnormalities that have contributed to your symptoms.

Research shows that physiotherapy alone i.e. manual therapy or electrotherapy will provide only temporary symptom relief unless the treatment is backed up with a comprehensive therapeutic exercise programme that is structured and functional.All our exercises are designed to reproduce your functional movements like sitting, standing, walking etc.

We aim to get you to a level where you can self-manage your symptoms by doing the exercises and by correcting the faulty biomechanics and poor posture to resolve the underlying contributing factors. Without appropriate rehabilitation, injuries may not heal properly and can lead to chronic pain, stiffness, instability, arthritis changes, or problems elsewhere in the body.

We are focussed that your body returns to the optimal health as rapid as it can heal. There are people who don’t continue their structured exercise program, leave it to chance and find out the hard way that their injury wasn’t rehabilitated fully. Hence, when we discharge you from the present care of episode, your exercise program will ensure that you don’t leave to chance to decide your future.

Speak to us if you will like to know how this can be of benefit to you or nearby ones.